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Reason by Connor Geoffroy

By: ConnorGeoffroy

Page 1, A full soul keeps your mind.



If you were given the choice

To either fill your soul

Or your wallet

Which would you choose?

That is the question

Asked by a man to a child

In the poor city

Where the child was born

The child thinks awhile

And the man gloats

In his success of stumbling

This young child

As the man turns to walk away

The child responds,

What is a soul worth

In this day and age?

The man tells him

A soul has no price

As no amount of money can afford

A single soul

Then the child asks,

What does a wallet hold?

The man responds,

A wallet holds money

The child then asks,

Why would I rather fill

Something with something else

That cannot amount to ardor of life?

The man tells him,

Some decide to rid themselves

Of what is truly necessary

In this world we live

And instead fill themselves

With evil and insecurity

Rather than have love

And fervor of spirit

The child tells him,

In that case

I have love and fervor

As I have no wallet

Empty it would be if I did

But only I have filled

A single soul

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