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The Light by Connor Geoffroy

By: ConnorGeoffroy

Page 1, Are we not all desiring a light?

The Light

This light I see

Is bright yet so dim

I walk closer

It travels further

This voice I hear

Is loud yet so distant

I lean forward

It echoes away

This touch I feel

Is warm yet so cold

I place my hand over

It grows colder

This smell I sense

Seems so sweet and fresh

I look for the source

It fades away

This taste I know

Awakens my mind

I attempt to bite

It disappears

This light I saw I followed

It led me to new land

One that I know

Not from memory

But from a dream

I remember being here

Gliding through the tall grass

Hearing the voice of calm

Feeling the love of home

Smelling freedom of eternity

Tasting fresh awe

At this light i saw another

Bright but far light

One that I knew I would reach

Albeit in a time

A time that is not yet mine

As I wake up

I realize I had the same dream

As before

I get out of bed

And look outside

I see a light

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