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Fell in love with a monster

By: coolkatz0

Page 1, A poem/song i wrote about my first ever boyfriend who used to beat me.

maybe it's all my fault

the reason why you beat me and break my down

and it's never a good sign when i see your frown

i've never been good enough

and so this is a good enough reason for you to be rough

you always hurt me

and cause me so much misery

whenever i have a smile on my face

you beat me until there is not a single trace

of the happiness i had felt

and the day you burnt me, i wish i'd have melt

i can never block your punches

you're much too strong

and it's taken me far too long,

to realise what i should've done all along

the first day that i met youi should've made up some stupid excuse, like i needed the loo

i should've never met your eyes

or surrendered  to all your stupid lies

i should've walked away when i had the chance

before we ever had that dance

before i fell in love with a monster

before i made my death wish.

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