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His Face

By: Corinne Smith

Page 1, Inspired by the poem about saying goodbye to John Ritter. I used to watch him on 8 Simple Rules...once he died it was never the same.


He's got that face

The kind you feel like you know


Watch him on television

You literally wonder

Did he really die?

This man I feel

Is no longer a stranger?


He's got that face

The kind that makes you smile


So down to earth

So very captivating

Never really sure

Exactly what to do

But then again,

Who is?


He's got that face

The kind that says father


A dad on a show

I don't even know

Who he is in real life

But still I feel

A fatherly spirit

Emanating from my TV screen


He's got that face

The kind that I won't forget


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