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By: Corinne Smith

Page 1, Sometimes I\'m curious about where inspiration comes from and where it goes. The other day I decided to write about it.



Where does it come from?

Where does it go?


"Find me! Find me! Find me!"

It calls to us each day,

Begging to be uncovered


Do we find it in our cabinets,

Or is it under your chair?


Do we find it in a book,

Or is it in the paper?


Do we find it in our minds,

Or is it buried in our souls?


No matter where we find it,

It cries out "Hold me tight!"

But we lose it anyway


Does it fall out in the shower,

Or does it melt into the rain?


Does it go into your pocket,

Or does it drop onto the ground?


Does it evolve like a butterfly,

Or does it soar like an eagle?



I know where it comes from,

I know where it goes.

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