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Watch the World Turn

By: Corinne Smith

Page 1, Change is everywhere around us. Change is a journey that happens every year as the seasons flow into one another.


The world turns,

Changing every second,

With every whisper of the wind

Every movement of the sea,

Every song of the birds,

All the earth is in motion


Look at your surroundings

And see the change incarnate


Watch as spring first begins -

The flowers in their bloom,

The trees all green and glorious,

The sky a crystal clear,

All the world seems light and weightless

We see nature and smile at its beauty


Watch as spring bursts into summer -

The sun shining brighter,

The air feeling warmer,

The heat healing the earth,

All the world is free and cheerful

We feel fresh, vivacious and content


Watch as summer rolls into autumn -

The leaves turning all shades of orange

Nature taking on a deeper hue,

The cool starting to finally sink in,

All the world begins again, school, work, and play

We adjust to a new routine


Watch as autumn fades into winter -

The air getting crisper,

The days becoming shorter,

Glittering snow falling softly to the earth,

All the world is comfortable and cozy

We settle down to warm by the fire


Look at your surroundings,

And see the change incarnate

With every breath you take,

Watch the world turn.

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