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Mental Health Physical health well being mind controlling drugs abuse and misinterpratating words god feelings

Poetry By: DadaGspot69

mental health physical health well being twelve years dead or maybe a lifetime times too live life again write thought emotions down printed words mightyer than a nukelear bomb major tom

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I onece went against my inner instintive survial senses feelings and thoughts.. when the big bald alien looking so called educated man who was the first too.. approach me saying without any senses or facts or my thoughts and emotional loving distress and turmoil i was going through when he said as in a film you may know when i tell you what the seeminly unemotional non feeling of any glimmer of empithy just maybe through digust or mistrust for my label they were too give me after i chose wrongly too trust this unemotional stranger as he give me the only two choices possible for a seeminly casosophic event that were going through my head for the universe when may all i needed was some r and r in bed he said i want you too and advise you too take either the pink or blue pill in the manor of the agent in the film its from it may as well been the song ground control too mayjor tom as i was phycologically forced against my will and own judgement too take one of the mind altering pills once i did i could no longer feel the emoitions that would want too make a goodman or women creation of any nation sing as though they had been born for a holy reason too help others no the joy of unconditional loves the heavens sings too us from upon above....love was all i had thought i found from the heavens above a love so immense for some reason made me uncomfatably tence hence my crys screaming silenty for help from above that i was at last fining some parental unconditional loves as i had why emoitional was i really so sad as i had just seen my first born sun born and torn away from the inner sanctum of mother natures waterfilled chambers an easy labour of love a unconditional love pacage sent from above the one i truelly needed as i conceeded i had planted the seed of life in my common law wife...But as i must now truefully past memories of past physical mental sexual tortures from my childhoods past aroze as so did my feeling of a one too one connection with my my half cast sun son i began too remember the past at last i had found a reason for living a purpose in life surely this moment would stop the forthcoming days strife i thought the begining of a wonderful life me my son and common law wife collette but i began too threat no home of our own not enough money too even give my baby a spoon full of hunny in an instant i grew too old a history of the pasts of the poor and needy came all at once in an overwhelming waves please god i thought saves us oneday and always protects children but i also new too my dismay the first night i lay my head too rest as a father neither did god past the test he messed up somehow now i truelly no as for a sleepless night stressed not being caressed too ease my mind worry and doubt were never far behind how could i find a way too be a father when not truely having one in my life and i couldnt even tell my common law wife oh whats ahead a lifetime of slavery thats not bravery...so i took the pill first day firstime locked away from all i knew and unconditionaly loved for also the first time why why why lock me away somewhere where their was a sense of uncontrolable anxtiosness stress violence self harm sex abuse death ghosts spirts dreams and thoughts that had been tortured for centuries....why why why why o did they lock me away their why werev they scared no could have had the uncertainty and trepadation about their lives and loves as i did...i did not hurt any threaten anyone i just needed too talk and walk freely why oh god why did they lock me away when all i needed was too maybe have time too feel at ease too play with my sun son kyle why oh why have they given me pills that have put me on mental trials for twelve years now also now they inject and infect my brain too try and make me fit the mainframe and go coldly insane unfeeling zombie like in the brain fuck them let them take these pills they test on chimps then like pimps fill you full of pills drugs surround by govermental thugs with needles too forcefully inject you against your will for no reason other than atlast you are screaming at them too listen too you twelve years of being abused after talking no evil or harm just about problems and sins done too me so why the fuck too the drugs they give make you want too swing from the nearest tree by your neck snap crack shit that was good end of mental physical pain now may i rain my pain too stop the rest of the world going insane in the tears of heavens rains....


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