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Poetry By: dadio


Submitted:Jul 19, 2013    Reads: 6    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Auntie's mutt followed you
around the army base
across parade grounds
and grass between trees

keeping out of the sun
you racing ahead
but the mutt keeping up
getting by you easily

its head looking at you
as if to say
you can't keep up
with me kid

but you tried
and then stopped
on the edge
where the army huts were

and stood staring at them
behind a little way
you could hear
some voice shouting

from a parade ground
and the sound
of marching feet
but there by the huts

it was quiet
except for bird song
and the hum
of distant traffic

Auntie had said
don't go
where I can't see you
but you had

and looking back
the place
where Auntie lived
was out of sight

must have run too far
you said
but the mutt just lay there
with its tongue

hanging out
let's go look around
you said

so the mutt followed you
around the huts
and there were two
large gates

which were locked
and so you and the mutt
crawled underneath
and into the bigger

huts beyond
and you ventured forth
the mutt behind you
wagging its tail

and you looking
through windows spying
but seeing nothing
but desks and chairs

or iron bedsteads
in a long line
then you saw
an open window

and climbed the bricks
and peered in
and there was a whole bunch
of soldiers sitting

at desks
and this tall guy
with a moustache
bellowed out at you

and you leapt down
and made a run for it
towards the double gates
the mutt getting underneath

but you getting stuck
and the moustache soldier
and another pulled you out
and said

what you doing here kid?
you spying?
no mister just looking around
you said nervously

well where you from?
you told him
about your auntie
and how your uncle

was away fighting
some place called Korea
and you were keeping
your auntie safe

and he raised his eyebrows
and said
well keep out kid
go play elsewhere

and he opened up
the double gates
and let you out
and the mutt

was waiting for you
wagging its tail
its tongue hanging out
of its mouth

and you walked back
to Auntie's place
hoping she'd not find out
and if she asked

where you'd been
you'd say
oh just over there
where the grass is green.


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