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Poetry By: dadio


Submitted:Mar 22, 2013    Reads: 7    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Janice walked back with you
from Harper Road
where you'd been shopping
for your mother

for sugar
in a blue paper bag
and flour and eggs
and other items

on the list
and Janice
with her red beret
and red dress said

what was the book
you bought
in the newsagents
the other day?

it's about Robin Hood
you said
and his Merry Men
and I'm half way

through it already
was he for real?
she asked
I guess so

you said
I've seen programmes
about him on TV
and Maid Marian

who's she?
Janice asked
Robin's girlfriend
you said

and sometimes
in the boring bits
of the programme
they kiss and such

but I like
the fighting parts best
with swords
and bows

and arrows
you added
my gran said
violence solves nothing

Janice said
as you both walked
into the Square
and she said

she heard it some place
that those who live
by the sword
die by the sword

but I don't kill anyone
you said
I just pretend
to sword fight

the bad knights
or sometimes fire
my bow and arrow
at the pram shed door

imagining it's the drawbridge
of the bad knight's castle
o I see
Janice said

sounds fun
you can be
my Maid Marian
if you want

you said
so long as you leave out
the kissing bits
she stopped

and looked at you
don't you like kissing me?
she said
you looked at her

in her red beret
and red dress
and white socks
and brown sandals

her hands holding
the bag of shopping
from side to side
sure I do

you said
if it's ok for Robin
then I guess
it can't be too bad

she said
can I use
your sword too

and help fight
the bad knights?
you nodded
and walked on

and she followed
but don't tell Gran
Janice said
or she'll tan my backside

or so she said
the other week
don't worry
I won't say a word

you said
and sure
you can use
my other sword

Maid Marian does
on TV
so guess
you can too

and that was that
and you climbed
the stairs in silence
to your mother's flat.


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