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Forever Alone / Darklady

By: Darklady

Page 1, Written on November 2010, it was a sad day for me and these are my feelings ...

It's dark outside
And I feel so lonely
No one to hold me
No one to make me feel loved..

Tears rolling down my face...
This emptiness in my heart
And this desperate feeling in my soul!...

I close my eyes
And I feel myself flying
And in the night
I dance and I sing .....

The song of death
The dance of desperation
Lost in the dark....

In this cold, dark day
I long for my inner peace
I wait for my resurrection...

My heart cries
My soul bleeds...
Such a pain
Such an anguish!!

I feel so lonely...
Where┬┤s my sun light?
It's dark outside
and I feel so lost...

Blood tears
Aching heart
Lost soul......

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