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I Lost Myself

By: Darklady

Page 1, another portuguese poem of my own that i translated\'s too old ..i wrote it when i was a teenager

I got lost in the essence of my being
And when I tried to find  the reason for my existence
I got lost from you

I wanted to run to meet you
But the darkness did not let me see ...
I wanted to shout  for you to hear me ,
But there was only emptiness!

I wanted to continue walking
But I got lost in the confusion!
In vain I continued my walk
Thinking that one day
I could see again the light that guided me ....

I got lost and only emptiness remained!
I shouted in a voice choked,
and in the despair of the  pain I wanted you to listen!


I cried, never to cry ever again...
Continued to never get lost again,

Because lost you left me!

Soon night fell and the fear came ...
Hope died
And the dream was lost!

On the way in which you forsaken me
I only knew the pain
Only emptiness had place
Only loneliness walked with me!

I lost myself
To never find me ever again!

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