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As I lay dying with heartache

By: Darktiara14

Page 1, A sad poem that sometimes i think everyone would want

As I lay dying
A)I think of thoughts I never thought
A)I think of all the people I have ever taught
Will they miss me?
I slowly fall apart
Like rose pedals astray from the root
b)I take a deep a breath
b)I must prepare for death
Tears are forming I ask myself why?
I rather have it be me than someone else
But, the voice of him
So calm and so soft
Is keeping me alive
He was like paradise to me
But I destroyed him with the way I treated him
Why should I die now?
If only I could wrap my arms around Him one more time
c)I would be ready to pass
c)In life I was not the best
I wish I could take it all back
Start from the beginning
And relive all the stuff in between
I want to be a better everything
Why am I saying all these things now?
d)I am far too late
d)This is all simply just fate
Where will I go from here?
Will He meet me there?
I wish to accomplish more in the next life
But, I do not see how that is possible with me
The pain in my flesh is now overwhelming
I find myself zoning in and out
Why am I resisting it?
I have every reason to pass
Pretty soon I will be as dead as a my heart
Will my family fall apart?
Who am I kidding? They have been praying for this day
I need to go and leave now
This world will be without me

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