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Do fish have eyelids?

By: Desilu

Page 1, childrens\' curiosity


Do fish have eyelids
To keep the water out of their eyes?
Why do birds go hop hop hop?
Why is the blue whale that size?
How do you spell spreadeagled?
Why are peppermints hot?
How did I grow from a tiny egg
The size of a pencil dot?
All day long they'd ask me
Knowing that they could trust
The answers I would give them
For tell them the truth,I must.
Nowadays I ask them
How do I program this?
How do I use the TomTom?
Why did the Skybox hiss?
And patiently they tell me
Time and time again.
And fondly I remember
A time of questions,when
From morn 'til night they'd ask me
Why is water wet?
Who IS the Lone Ranger?
Why does jelly set?

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