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Virtualise Me

By: Destiny Aitsuji

Page 1, A poem about why I chose the virtual world over reality.

Virtualise Me
It’s a lousy week I’ve had
I decided enough is enough
I’m turning from good to bad
Things are going to get rough
Kicking off my shoes
I dashed up the stairs
My mother frowns at me
But I don’t really care
Throw off my bag
Hit the on button
Switch off the nag
Of my old nag
Enter my username
Enter my password
Enter the game
Enter my world
I materialise
And become virtualised
A battleaxe in hand
A battalion on land
Forward I surge and charge
Slaying every demon in sight
Danger is still at large
As I prepare for the final fight
When the last of the demons drop dead
I’ve come to face my fate
Let the final battle cry emerge
As my soul and body merge
A bolt struck me square in the chest
My health points rapidly decreasing
Is this the end of my quest?
I gritted my teeth and started chanting
In a blinding flash of light
My battleaxe planted deeply
In the Lord Fiend’s heart
As he howled in agony
Seeing but not believing
I’ve cleared the final stage
My mission is complete
I’ve become quite a sage
Then in my most glorious moments
There was knocking on the door
I quickly de-virtualised
As my mother comes through the door
“Dinner’s ready,” she said
I just numbly nodded my head
The door closes and I sighed relieved
It sure was a close call indeed
I was smiling throughout dinner
Thinking about how I’m such a winner
If only I could virtualise me
Into this dull reality.

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