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By: dhorlapor

Page 1, It is a poem about heart break.


It will all end when my dear stop smiling

When her eyeballs stop giving me hope

When her kiss stop to be my pill

When her hug stop clearing my heart off doubts.


Double jab is not fun

A beautiful angel without wing is done

She separate luv from care

She gave birth to an horror, a brother heartbreak.


Breeze from the west is giving me hope

That from east seems to be mocking me

North and south are trying to keep balance

Maybe her new guy is from there.


Travelling far back into the past

I remember the promise we made at moonlight

I still hear the sound from her mouth she utter the word

I still feel the satisfaction within my spirit.


When I mentioned friendship, her heartbeat nearly stopped

When I mutter love, her smile attracted rainbow

The first colour I saw was purple

The mark of commitment. 


Now I long for what used to be mine 

My  river of peace is now red

The colour of the sky is fading off

Where is my purple angel.

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