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I lost my love.....

By: dianarose

Page 1, Things are crazy and uncertain now, but I wont give up......

I lost the love of my life today,
I don't know how to feel.
I thought we were going forward,
But its all going downhill.
I'm feeling blue and sad,
I should know this isn't all so bad.
But I can't stop thinking,
What does "at the least we will always be friends, mean?
I have to be different,
It can't be the same.
I don't know how,
To play this game.
My thoughts have to change,
And I don't like that very much.
How do you go from lovers,
To just friends?
I'm confused, hurt and don't know where to turn,
I feel like I just got alittle burned.
I do know that we will always be friends,
But my heart is in love and wants more than that.
How do I act now?
I'm a friend with no benefits.
He says I can write, send  pics and art,
But I can't express what's really inside.
I love that foundation we have built as friends,
Nothing will ever change that for it will be the same.
A few minor adjustments will have to be made,
I guess I can do that, if this is where I want to be.
I don't want to dream that this is the end,
Love is here and thats the dream I so want.
This man I share these moments of love,
I won't give up on him or the stars up above.

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