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Miss the feelings....

By: dianarose

Page 1, I just miss him and remember the feelings we shared.....

You know I can waste a whole day,
with you on my mind.
I lay there naked in bed,
I swear, I just want to stay.
I think of our few times,
that we were with each other.
They were nice moments,
a few stolen kisses together.
I miss the hugs,
the kisses and hand-holding.
They are good in my mind,
but I want the real thing.
Maybe someday,
our paths will cross again.
I'm happy with little pain,
I know this is not all in vain.
I still feel the connection,
I will never let it go.
But dont you know,
a real touch I so crave.
I think that I am brave,
so in love with my faraway beau!

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