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Shore of emotions

By: dianarose

Page 1, I feel like Ive been cast upon a shore of love.....

Thoughts of you,
keep running through my mind.
Trying to only let,
the happy ones stay here.
Confusion, worry,
lots of feelings all around.
What takes over,
are the ones with love I feel for you.
Happy ones, lonely ones,
i'm feeling every emotion there is.
Where can I take it?
only to my heart, it remains.
I've fallen so deep,
even tho I do not want out.
I'm down like a anchor,
help, throw me a lifesaver.
I feel like I'm drowning,
in this sea of love.
I've washed upon your shore,
will you keep me or throw me back?
I feel like a sand dollar,
all perfect, waiting to be found.

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