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Stole my heart

By: dianarose

Page 1, He stole my heart, whats to be done?

You've stolen my heart,
what do you plan to do about that?
tender, loving, sweet beats of mine,
they are all here for you to find.
when that find is found, oh tell me dear sir,
make a stir, shake it up,
i know that you can make me jump.
i fall into place,
in my face, tell me how you know.
go to your favorite spot, tell me what you want,
im game, i'm all here for a good ol pant.
you know me, i can put on a show,
rows and rows of many laughs.
i can make you smile and forget for awhile.
cross theĀ  line and you shall see,
the other side of me, set yourself free.

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