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And I Felt Alive

By: dibbledabble

Page 1, When your closest to death you can feel most alive

 And I Felt Alive


I walked down by the river today

Swollen and angry she flowed

A high wind gusted savagely

She pushed me backwards

And at time drove me forwards

To the rushing water’s edge

And I felt alive


I have walked to the cliff edge

Met the wind head on

Felt nature’s power, full force.

Spread my arms and leaned out

Daring her to relent

Knowing that if she did I’d fall to my death

And I felt alive


I have sailed the seas in a force nine gale

The sea heaving and rolling

Foam hurled into the clattering rigging

Joyfully I have faced the storm

So she could spit in my face

Revelling in my insignificance

And I felt alive


I was born a ‘blue’ baby

Two months premature

Christened in the hospital at birth

A Christian burial to be preformed

Mother Nature took my hand

Her gift; the will to survive

And I fought to stay alive


I have a pact with my mother

When she is angry, I will tease her

Tempt her to take what she gave

One day she will draw me to her bosom

It is her right and it is my destiny

I will not fade away, but face my demise

It will be at that moment

When I feel most alive



By Dibs

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