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Field of Thoughts

By: dibbledabble

Page 1, it\'s not a bad as it seems. I an apt to bouts of depression. Not clincal, but due to real life events. I can not write when these moods come upon me. That I wrote this is a sign that I am coming out of that mood. A literary screaming at the wind. Dibs

Field of Thoughts


My field of thoughts lay polluted

Barren of hopes shoots

Guilt and regret permeate its soil

Its ground parched, crying out

For tears that will not fall.


The hard pithy grains of reality

Stir amongst the desolation

Of deliberate self-assassination

Futility has its own fertility

Of downtrodden negativity


Despairs deep fissures

Confuse the caring

Their tools ineffective

In such a defensive ground

Unable to till, they gaze bemused


Only the wind of cruel intent

Can scrape at the surface

The astute and self-centred

Fire sharp twisted words

That falls like poisonous pollen


My thoughts eek existence

Within depressions desires

Like a Somme like disease

They cling remorsefully to me

Cloaked in aChernobylian winter.


I have not tears of my own

I am undeserving of them

Who will cry my tears for me?

Not of pity, but through knowing my soul

Who will release me and let me grow?

By Dibs

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