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I Ask You What Is Prose..?

By: dibbledabble

Page 1, After reading Attanasio\'s poem on prose I thought I would add my bit too.

I Ask You What Is Prose?



I ask you what is prose

We are told it’s not a rhyme

That rises from your toes

Not a rhythm that beat time

And sung through a Beetle’s nose


I ask you what is prose

A legal document has no flow

As un-poetic as it goes

In a language that we don’t know

Except for the invoice they enclose


I ask you what is prose

A list of rules to abide

Written for us by those

Whom over us preside

To instruction or impose


I ask you what is prose

An opinion of another

Their views in word shows

A difference to a brother

Or a vision they oppose


I ask you what is prose

Is it a novel of many a chapter

Or a biography for life as it grows

Or comical tale to induce laughter

All of the above I would suppose.


I ask you what is prose

How about flash fiction

With is rapid compose

And poor written diction

Yes, include, then dispose


If you ask me what is prose

Any writing that has creative flare

And from mindful consideration arose

Written in private or for public air

So long as it does not have rhythmic flows



By Dibs

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