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Mother Is That Thunder?

Poetry By: dibbledabble

The events unfolding in Aleppo has given rise to this poem, but in truth this poem could have been writen a 1000 times over and yet mankind still will not see the obscenity of its power crazed actions

Submitted:Aug 1, 2012    Reads: 41    Comments: 14    Likes: 3   

Mother is that thunder

The child looks pensive

Yes darling a storm is coming

The mother kisses her brow

Carries a little of her on her lips

The girl smiles weakly

Softly reassured.


Mother will it rain

Excited it might

I'm afraid it may

A small embrace

This time a longer kiss

Savouring her soft warmth

The girls smile widen

Secure in love


The mother returns a smile

But turns away quickly

Her eyes do not smile

They see men in the street

Crouched behind her walls

Muzzles pointing towards fates rumble

Tracked 'thunder' approaches


Calmly the mother takes a sheet

A sheet as heavy as her heart

Lets make a den

Play games and sing

The girl gives an eager grin

Helps lay the sheet over the table

The mother calls it a safe house

They climb in


At first the occasional pop

The mother brushes it off

It's the boys playing in the street

Then a burst of cackling barks

Wrapped in the mothers arms

The girl jumps alarmed at first

Then settles as the mother sings

Hugs tighter and kisses her ear

The girls scent mingles with cordite

Life and death in one take of breath.


Kalashnikovs retreat spitting sporadically

and ineffectively at armoured plate.

Successful only in splintering wood or

gouging the masonry of the owners homes.

As the ground quakes with arrogant contempt

A deep throated thump is audible

and destruction is unleashed

Indiscriminate seconds pass before

nearby brick and tile give way and tumble

And booming shockwaves spew

shards of glass cross the floor


At first the mother stiffens.

Breath held, ears straining

to track the flight of the shell

Enveloping the girl firmly in her arms

singing as loud as she dare

Fear tightly distorting her voice.

Rocking she wishing the girl asleep

Wishing they be invisible, undetectable

To the ferocity on the other side of the veil


As the glass settles

Silently the violence enters

A vulgar whisper only the girl hears

As the mother sighs' her relief

The girl expellees her breath too

Drawn out into a murderous world

by murmuring ricocheted velocity

Buzzing like a hornet it slips in

to steal her breath away.

The mother continues her soft lullaby

Willing the tanks on their way


In the gloom of their hiding place

Through the veil of dust now hanging

Light points malevolent and uncaring

through a hole in the woven wall.

A beam of realization stabs

at young life extinguished.

Abjectly the mother wails

Child cradled limply in her arms.

Her lips pressed to blooded temple.

She as have numberless others,

greets wars hollow hatred

as it beats down the door.

By Dibs


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