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Piglet Pacassos

Poetry By: dibbledabble

A fun 1000 word poem for RingpopLove's challenge

The remit for the challange was to write something about a baby animal prompted by the picture she porovided

I chose the piglets, as you will see their story jumped out at me.

perhaps visit her page and give it a go yourself

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Piglet Picassos

Farmer Giles mopped his brow

And watched the eight piglets with his sow

Two he would keep to breed

Two kept, his family to feed

Two more for the market

The last two for old man Parfett


Now old Mr Parfett was a sower cuss

Fag* in mouth, voice gravelly and gruff.

If there was one thing he did adore

Were a couple of young domestic boar

The only thing that would do

Was a nice big pot of piglet stew!

(*Fag = Cigarette)


Farmer Giles had a little girl called Molly

Who loved piglets as she did her dolly

Up to now she did not know

Where cute little piglets could go.

She wept many tears

And covered her ears

When her daddy told her

Two of the piglets would not grow older

But instead where destined for Mr Parfett's belly

Much better than ham bought from the deli'

So young and so sweet

A tasty morsel to eat!


It vexed her so madly

Upset her so badly

Though her daddy did explain

That farm animals are for 'financial gain'

Molly resolved that they would not die

They would not become a piglet pie

She could not let it happen

For night she waited, coat and hat on

And against her daddies wishes

And as her mother washed the dishes

She sneaked out of the house

To the sty, tiptoeing like a mouse

And all though it was dark scary

Found the latch she could see, barely


The gate swung open wide

Our little heroine stepped inside

She chased the piglets out

Avoiding big momma's snout

The rescue had begun

Eight piglets on the run


Go, Go, Go she whispered and hissed

Praying the piglets would not be missed

At least till they had skedaddled before morning

With the vanishing act they were preforming

Satisfied that the piglets were on their way

It seemed to Molly there was no need to stay

Besides she should be tucked up in bed

Before daddy caught her and saw red.

So, fast as she could she slipped back inside

The picture of innocents like she had nothing to hide


What Molly did not know

Far from their mother the piglets wouldn't go

As soon as her back was turned

Six curly tails returned

Five sisters and one brother

To suckle on their mother

All safely back in the pen

All happy to be home again


Except two wayward little scamps

Happily rooting around in the plants

Two little pigs with an inquisitive bent

Next, into the paint shed they went

And in the dark and gloom

Of the rickety shelf room

With a dust sheet spread out

And pots of paint stacked about

Two nosy snouts

Began to poke about


It was only a matter of time

Until one little swine

While barging into his brother

Got tangled in a dust cover

And in his efforts to escape

Dislodged a wooden stake

That was holding up a ledge

Something falling of the edge

To break open like an egg

A tin of paint, bright red

It landed on his brother

Who shocked, ran for cover

Right across the laid out sheet

Leaving a long red streak

On reaching the other side

The red streak he eyed

And though it rather fun

So made another run


Now a painted pig is slippy

So you have to have some pity

As he careered off the sheet and into a rack

That came down with a loud crack

And unloaded on the floor

Rainbow coloured pigments galore

Then piggy number two

Cotton on what to do

Sitting fully in some blue

He oinked YaHOO!!

And bumped across the sheet

Leaving piggy bottom marks complete.

Piggy number one squealed in delight

Now coated yellow took flight

With a great big belly flop

Left a big sunny spot

Curly tailed pink splatters

Orange trotter smatters

Purple eared smears

Silver snouted veers

And so the fun went on

Till all the paint had gone

Their artistry all done

Our piglets returned home to mum (mom)


Next morning Farmer Giles perplexed scratched his head

In the pig sty were eight piglets he put to bed

But oddly there were six pink little pigs to be seen

The other two were blue yellow orange red purple and green

Painted pigs prints lead away from the pig pen,

And towards the paint shed and surrealism mayhem


Molly had watched her daddy go out

And around the corner slunk about

Too scare of what her daddy would find

Not knowing if the missing piglets, he would mind

Then she saw he was following a painted trail

Curiosity getting the better of her she followed is tail

At the door of the shed farmer Giles stood and looked

Molly to join him a deep breath she took

For there on the floor

Stretching out from the door

An old dust sheet colours black through to yellow

Not a terrible mess but more like something by that Picasso fellow

Molly looked up at her dad

Who grinned right back, not annoyed or sad

Look at what those clever piglets have done

He said to Molly; quick go get your mum

Dad, winked at mum and said well I wonder how did that happen

Though he did see a little girl last night going out with her coat and hat on


It was then when old man Parfett arrive

For his piglet lives to deprive

He though the sheet was great

Better than any piglet he had ever ate

With the money he had brought

The art work he bought

By piglet art he was amazed

Two multi-coloured pigs had been saved


So if you're down on the farm

And hear from the barn

Bashing and crashing about

And an oinked blood curdling shout

Do not be to alarmed

No pig is being harmed

Eight brothers and sisters

Are playing paint twister

Another work of art, another ham canvas

From Molly's Piglet Picasso business





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