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The Flood - A love Sonnet

By: dibbledabble

Page 1, My second attempt at a sonnet, inspired by the resent deluges and a walk through flooded fields, the romance is purely fictional, but perhaps a yearning laying beneath my flooded lands.

The Flood – A Love Sonnet


This year substantial April showers came

The banks unseasonably steep yearned for

Prolonged deluges of torrential rain 

For thirty days it rain, probably more


The first day of May the sun woke from his sleep

Gnat’s danced golden winged amidst sparkling leaves

In flooded meadows swans grazed as if sheep

Daisy lakes grew from rivulet land thieves


We picked our way along sodden pathway

Climbed over stiles and kissed at each gate

You clouded my mind in the late sun haze

Your river of passion, my blissful state


You are my April of reviving showers

May rivers of love. My meadow flowers


By Dibs


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