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Bleed for me

By: Dino

Page 1, A poem inspired by murder. I read all the time about lovers killing eachother. It's interesting to think about how one could go from love to killing. I guess it's just a very thin line for some. Enjoy.

The time for sewing is over
It's time to reap
It's time to cash all those
Checks you've been writing
Time to pay
I don't wanna hear it
You can't push me
And push me
And push me
Then beg for mercy
When I push back
Time to bleed for me
It's time to see what it's like
On this side baby
Take a walk with me through hell
And I'll show you
Oh yea
I will
We will suffer together now
Make no mistake
I love you so much
I can't stand you
So you're gonna show me
How much you care
Right now
And You're gonna
Bleed for me

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