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Jesus loves the gag reel.

By: Dino

Page 1, The rantings of a dark drunk soul.

The Devil gets inside of me
shot by shot
I wander here and there
to whatever stool forgets
to refuse me.

I shout and squeal
my misery to the faceless
mass of broken hearts
just as miserable as me
and try to kill the beast
with just one more glass
of one more bottle.

Oh wretched ghost!
Oh tortured wraith of mind!
Be out of me please!

And it comes to the bar then,
and snickers, and sneers.
Sometimes he jumps on my back,
sometimes he sits in my lap and
pulls at my ears or nose
but never, NEVER does he
leave me be
with my sorrow
my pain
my only friend
my enemy.

Before long it's shouts and
sounds of breaking glass
and slurred curses
lost in the wind and
the cold sobering concrete.

Drop me at home.
A dollar for your trouble

I make an empty promise for better
times and fall into sleep.
wanting sleep.

In the morning the pillows reject me
for my stink and toss me swollen
into the bathroom sink
for a splash,
a vomit,
a shave if I am lucky,
then its off to start these
fruitless struggles

I say,
tomorrow is another day.

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