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Of old men and babies and the nonsense in between

By: Dino

Page 1, When you\'re born, you know it. Then you forget it. Then you remember it right before you die. The end, the beginning.

Wisdom begins to bow at birth

From untouched minds the snow globe

Twinkles, twists, and dances with

Infinite possibilities.

That's life, we say. That's life.


In adolesence it shines bright with hope

But by degrees adopts fears

It had never known before

And feels first the need for genes to survive.

That's life, we say. That's life.


At the peak the minds have hardened,

Narrowed, focused on their shortcomings,

Found no joy in the simple pleasures,

Kneeled at technology's feet, and

Kissed the ground before this cold God.

That's life, we say. That's life.


At the point in life where the pavement

Turns to dirt, the body begins to fade

And the mind again awakens to the perfection

In the chaos and

Looks at the globe now with different eyes

It sees more now but knows even less

and cares not.

That's life, we say. That's life.



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