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Shucking Oysters

By: Dino

Page 1, Guess what I was thinking about when I wrote this.

When I was young

I lacked the tools

Necessary  for the shucking

Of oysters

My first attempt

Was a mockery

A mess most

Literally and neither I

Nor she

Was fed or eaten


We tangled for hours

Yin and Yin


Yang and Yang

And then gave up

I went to bed hungry


It was Erica who gave me

My first working method


Slowly gently pry apart the shell

She said

There is the heart

The sweet meat

But it cannot be taken

It must be coaxed

So I coaxed

And coaxed

And coaxed and coaxed

And then

I was fed

I went to bed happy


Understanding the



Now I pluck meat from shell with


Having eaten oysters at every restaurant

I have ever been to

I eat to my fill but it cannot compare


Not to that first bite

That first bit of heaven

That thrilled

And filled

And changed me.

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