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By: Dino

Page 1, Trying and failing but not failing to try. I miss the way you used to slip through my fingers.

i dont know what to say
so i open my mouth
and press breath from
my lungs

and no matter how hard
i try to scream
i can only manage
a sigh

i know i did it bad
i always do
i thought you knew
that too

i guess i was wrong
when the winds
swept you up
with me

when i felt your sadness
when i knew
i knew it so well
i did

but it was wrong of me
to assume the same
could be said
for me

we dont see eye to eye
you and me you see
are south and south on
a magnet

were the same polarity
you you you
me me me
we push

no matter what we feel
we push and push apart
till we no longer have the strength
to try

then we wave our arms
and cry goodbye
and love love love
in the minutes it takes us
to forget

we were ever here at all
you and me
me and you
trying to be us
and failing

but the fact that we
try at all
saves it for me i guess
because the failure
is eminent

we cannot be and yet
we waste our time
drawing eachother
pretty pictures
through the distance

because the trying is all we have

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