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A Perfect Day by the Sea

By: dlaura69

Page 1, A day by the sea


When I’m up here

 Sitting on the dunes

  Overlooking the sea


I feel alive

 The wind blowing over me

  Caressing my soul


I feel alive

 As the wind carries my spirit away

  Far away in the skies above


There are clouds floating around

 Being groovy in all their glory

  Making me warm and sleepy inside


A gentle hand

 That’s what the wind feels like

  As it touches my skin


Clouds they’re soft like feathers

 Misty and cold

  I fly from one to another


A dream

 A bit unreal

  A fairytale to say the least


Maybe it is paradise

 A gentle wind

  A groovy mood


Waves overlapping upon each other

 A perfect day by the sea

  Don’t you think?


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