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I Can't Go Through This Again

By: dlaura69

Page 1, Not being able to get hurt again even though you still love that person


I couldn’t get you out of my mind

   The times when you were mine

I was engrossed

   But now you’re a ghost

One who keeps haunting me

   You don’t let me be

You’re driving me crazy

   Your intentions are a bit hazy

It seems that you still love me

   But how can that be

You left me behind

   I had no peace of mind

I tried to move on

   And in the end I won

Or so I thought

   Now I’ve been reshot

By the same feeling

   I thought I was done heeling

But now you’re back

   I might have a hard attack

If you stay here

   I might just disappear

I’m not going through this again

   I’m tired of all the pain

At first I moved on in vain

   It felt like I was being held back by a chain

But it’s time to break free

   I’m about to flee

I’m saying goodbye

   Cause I really don’t want to die

And that’s what your love will be

   It’ll be the death of me



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