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I Left Without A Goodbye

By: dlaura69

Page 1, Leaving because of the fear I carried inside.


Sometimes I wonder if I did wrong

  Leaving your side without a goodbye

But it was hard to be by your side

  Knowing that you could never be mine

Through endless nights I cried for you

  You went on with life not knowing the truth

At times I wonder if I should

  Have told you

But how could I

  When I knew you wouldn’t love me back

So I left your side

  Without a single goodbye

I may have been wrong

  But I could not endure the pain for long

And now I’m confused

  You’re back in my life

So I begin to wonder if I had been wrong

  Again you are here

Playing with my thoughts

  You’ve come to confront me

Of what, I know not

  Could it be that you heard the truth

From the lips of someone else

  Have you come to confront the love I have for you

I’ve been afraid of this moment for to long

  Which is why I fled at once

But now you are here again

  Stopping me from escaping this time

I now not what I will do

  But I hope I have the strength this time

To tell you I love you

  Without the fear controlling me

Keeping me silent after so long

  I hope I have the courage

To tell why I left without a goodbye…



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