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I'm Still Fighting

By: dlaura69

Page 1, Don\'t give up on the one you love no matter how long it takes.


Girl, just look  

 Look at me

  Look into my eyes

   Look into my soul

Please don’t go

 Wait a little bit longer

  Trust the words,

   Slipping from my lips

It might seem impossible

 But you have to trust me

  I’m trying hard

   To be by your side

Don’t give up on me

 Wait a little bit longer

  My heart beats only for you

   Because you’re the one

It sounds kind of crazy…you know?

 We’re from two different worlds

  But you can’t deny

   You and me… we’re in love

It’s kind of foolish,

 You and me hiding

  Like if what we feel is a crime

   But it’s not… its love

There’s hope for love out there

 Hope for you and me

  We just have to find it

   We can’t give up now

You’re that one special person,

 I’ve been searching for

  So believe me when I say

   I’m not giving up on us

I know you have your doubts

 But don’t doubt me,

  When I say I love you

   Have faith in my words

Just listen to me one last time

 Because I’m still here

  Fighting for your love

   Fighting for us…

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