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It's Magical Dancing With You

By: dlaura69

Page 1, What we feel as we dance.


It’s like magic

Dancing with you in my arms

Moving against each other

Our bodies born from this love

Skin gliding over skin

We get lost together

There’s no one,

But you and I

A rhythm rises

Pounding through our veins

Touching each other’s body

It’s a sensual dance

Moving with you

Moving as one

I could die in your arms

We could die as one

Both lost

In each others touch

We glide across the floor

As if our feet were floating

Lost in our own world

We’re blinded from the truth

It’s a mystery

Where we go

A place where we can be one

Where we can share our love

No one knows

But you and I

Our passion, as we sway as one

You and I forever one




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