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Time To Bounce

By: dlaura69

Page 1, Moving on with life.


I’m hurting

So I keep on running

You left me

Now I can no longer be

I’ve become a mess

I think it’s because you can care less

I’m really confused

I think I’ve been used

You were my fire

Now I feel like a used tire

Worthless and unbroken

I was left unchosen

Others are happy

While I’m feeling crappy

I’m unsure of what to do

As I look at you

My eyes may be playing a trick

But I think you’re getting thick

Could it be?

That you’re missing me

No, I’m getting confused

I have to remember I was used

But maybe, just maybe, I may be wrong

Wait…nope its just been to long

I have to let go

Before I get low

I loved you once

But it’s too late now cause I have to bounce





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