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Wind and Moonlight

By: dlaura69

Page 1, Nature is always ready to please.


Darkness is all around you

Everything’s silent

Nothing can be heard

Just your breaths leaving your lips

And the light wind

Sweeping through the room


The light is shining in

Revealing the beauty of your body

The clouds move above

Showing the moon

Inch by inch

The light reveals your body even more


Each curve is perfect

As if it were sculptured

You’re like a Greek goddess

Your breathing is normal and placid

But can you feel the air around you

Can you feel the moonlight?


The light is bright as it moves over you

As if it were alive

It caresses your body

Showcasing your beauty

Could it be?

The elements of nature coming alive


Wind and moonlight form into hands

Do you feel them now?

Your eyes begin to flutter

You seem to be breathing faster

My loved one did I hear correct

Did a moan just slip your lips?


Can you feel them now?

Feel the lightest touches on your skin

Rubbing softly over you

Can you feel the love?

The touch of wind

Washing over you


They kiss your neck lovingly

The moonlight washing over you

Kissing all of you

The sweet touches of wind

Rubbing over your most intimate parts

The light trailing over you


Sweet loving touches caressing every curve

Your body reacting to the touch

The silence has been broken

Your eyes are now open

Dilated with desire

Your breaths have become shorter


What do you seek?

I ask myself

As the wind blows over you

Making you shiver with lust

Your eyes

They’re full of passion


The wind continues to love you

The moonlight wrapping around you

As if it were alive

As if it were human

Has your search come to an end?

Have you given up already


Can you not find your lover?

The one who holds you

The one who caresses you

Have you given up the search

Have you fallen deep in desire?

Have you become lost?


Wind and moonlight

Slowly touching your sweetness

Caressing every inch of flesh

Wind and moonlight

Running over you

Fulfilling the need


Your breaths are shorter

Full of passion

Give in to the touch

Give in to their love

Why don’t you just give in,

To the wind and moonlight …


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