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The Clouds Are Never Still

By: Don George

Page 1, inspired by actual imagery

I saw an elephant walking over Jesus.

Jesus, on his back, with a beard like Santa Clause, was neither smiling nor frowning.

I also saw the "Stay-Puft" marshmallow man, from the movie "Ghost Busters", seeming to smile and wave.

These scenes were not unlike the American flag that I see before me now, with it's shiny, man-made materials, glistening in the afternoon sun.

Straightening forth as the wind picks up and resting low as it dies (fainting in coils).

Un-furling again in an endless cycle.

The clouds are never still...

Gorgeous, billowing, flowing, light and shadow,

dissipating and growing, a crocodile in the nile.

A heavenly respite from the heat and the light;

the clouds are never still.

Unsurpassed in its dignity and bearing, the sky, provides a host of fright and a feast of delight.

As big as is the day, is how small we are compared to the night.

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