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Dissonance: A poem

By: dramatis personae

Page 1, A poem



I’m fighting with myself
Words just won’t come
Yet, I’ve managed to construct this poem
Metaphorical Assimilation 
Just won’t take place and….my words
Seem lost in space and…
I’m screaming out for poetical eminence
Yet, standing on the shoulders of lyrical 
I want to be great because I am 
I write because it is my lifelong dream
Maya Angelou 
Once wrote 
“In a time of furtive sighs”
Sweet hellos and sad goodbyes
Half-truths told an entire lies
My conscience echoes thunder”
I have lost my will to speak freely 
Entangled in my self-created web of 
Lord, when will it be me?
Wanting something this badly 
Is causing me to lose touch with reality
Somebody, anybody 
Save me

By Dramatis Personae

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