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Poetry's Child

By: dramatis personae

Page 1, Just a poem. Read and enjoy!

No need to recruit Maury for this

I’m pregnant and poetry did it

This wasn’t unexpected because

We purposely made love

I lit candles

He massaged my heart strings

I began to tingle

Poetry peeled off my clothes

My shirt of over analytical thinking

My pants heavy with doubt

Poetry whispered freedom

So, I freed myself

Standing in front of poetry

My naked uninhibited self

I never thought twice about poetry

Protecting himself

Now here we are in the delivery room

I’m panting and breathing and pushing out

My truth

I hear everyone around me

Yelling, PUSH!

Out came those similes


BREATHE, easy for a minute

But make room for imagery

Rhyme and meter might be

The simplest part

Metaphors and personification

Might not be such a walk in the park


We’re almost there now don’t lose heart

Congratulations, you have given new life to poetry

He must be Harlem’s baby.

He looks just like the Harlem Renaissance

By Dramatis Personae

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