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A hundred million voices

By: dubl

Page 1, a hundred million

We shook in the night
A hundred million voices
Reaching for star light
Candles that have seen the change
From red to blue to pink to gray

Trees bowed and heavens shook
The ocean tide was halted
The moon refused to look
A campaign to end it all
Steal away our shadows
And we are forced to fall

Alone, alone, alone
A hundred million voices
Clawing for a throne
I don't even care
I'll never die alone
I've got you right here

But then you turned away
And stayed
And you shook all night long
As bombs exploded overhead
You were in your bed
We overtook the throne
You lie awake
And while asleep
You do the same to me
A hundred million voices cannot make
You speak truthfully.

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