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By: dubl

Page 1, it was a good break. hope you enjoy.

What I was at one time has now shifted
And here in the rift that I left I have drifted
A star in the sky that was me
Now lost out to sea on this piece of debris
I pound my head like a nail
A corkscrew could undo what my hand left impaled
But sadly the idea just stays
And it etches in deeper, it gnaws at my brain
But what of these things I have done
Treason's the reason I got thrown from the sun
She layed it all out there for me
"My tears aren't your fears, you don't answer my pleas"

"And the part that I loved in you is gone
Like a radio, we can't go back to that song
Once the last note has struck the last chord
It's over it's over, sadly though, nevermore"
And since she cast me down from the sky
I've been floating and lost amongst oceans of lies
And I think that this may be my grave
But I dug this trench it's the bed that I made

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