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By: dubl

Page 1, PLEASE READ! 11/09/08

give me your breath
and i'll take it all away
til your lungs collapse
give it all to me, all to me
and i'd steal the sun
just for the heat
if i could reach that far
i guess i wasn't meant to

and give me your words
until my ears bleed
like nails to a chalkboard
leave me writhing and screaming
you are not real!
this can't be happening
i cannot touch you
you just won't let me

and my skin is uncomfortable
it's grown stretched and jaded
so much so that i'm afraid
my bones will poke through
and cause a scene
is that what they want?
just a scene? a fucking scene?
so be it
cut and print now lets concern
ourselves with problems greater
than bones and skin
how about you and me?

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