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but home is nowhere

By: dubl

Page 1, this is actually derived from a true event that happened between me and one of my ex\'s. it\'s talking about communication. the water/rain are the couple\'s problems, the city by the sea is taken from an Edgar Allen Poe poem and to me it symbolizes what you thought was perfect but it fell short of your expectations,the apartment on the second floor is where we actually lived, and all our fights were behind closed doors cuz our neighbors were her aunt and uncle.

there's some rain in here
but you'd never fix the roof
just let it soak on through
dripping in til we're flooded and
drowning amongst the wreckage
of this apartment
on the second floor
the neighbors don't know anything at all
it's behind closed doors
baby i'm just fucked up
but we're out of time
can i just have a minute
to find my piece of mind
let me stand for one more second
amongst this city by the sea
and don't you ever dream of me
cuz if i can't be near you
neither can my memory.

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