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Camel Unfiltereds

By: dubl

Page 1, Stomaching insecurities He\'s trying to turn over a brand new leaf But it\'s hard with everyone pushing me Like a top It\'s just round and round And like a chokeslam she had me up before she threw me down End.

Chalkdust in the air
Spin it out
Up and down
You're in disrepair
But don't fight
Out against the world
Suck it up
And choke it down
Baby girl
You're not asleep
I'm just pulling
You farther undersheets
Till your six feet deep
Show me how much
Farther down till you can't breathe
This is the pit
The pendulum
The noose
No mother goose
I'm not telling you lies
I'm cutting you loose
And the edge is lost
A blade left in the shed
To rot and rust
Then back to dust

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