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Colliope Reedit.

By: dubl

Page 1, very short poem but i like the flow..just didn\'t know where to go with it. thought it said it all.

i am the king with the tarnished crown
my gold is silver and guilded
and i promised you music but i let you down
noise is all that is building
and the castle collapsed in my twisted head
i am broken and beat
torn by the light of the heavens above
and pulled by the hells beneath

you are the saint who's been chasing down ghosts
they reside at the end of a bottle
shot after shot till you drown in your head
where you tried to bury your sorrow
but like zombies they rise up and take control
whenever you're at your weakest
they grab your attention and strangle all thought
till the only thing you can see is

the end of a road or the end of a rope
either one would sound fine
but these habits you've embraced are just
a means to an end for your time
for i am the one who watches everything fall
i'm the ground at the base of a tree
the weather is changing and the snow is coming
i can feel you crashing around me

like paratrooper's teardrops your issues all fell
and landed on top of my spine
and yes i played God per your request
you're problems then became mine

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