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Nicotine Stain

By: dubl

Page 1, haha kinda raunchy hope you enjoy

I breathed in the smoke from one of your squares
As you begged me to come in
I could be your past and you could put me behind you
Please tell me where to begin
And it's all on the glass as we kiss in the shower
The sun was just coming up
I can see it in your eyes you can feel it on me
We both just want to fuck
And you know you can't scream when your mouth is too full
But I'll remove once i am done
Yeah we could just lay in my bed all day
But me and you use it too much
I brought you to stars and I made you see God
You were screaming out his name
I went through that whole pack of cigarettes
On the bed was a nicotine stain
Then you doubled up and my body was aching
But you know that I can't get enough
I can see it in your eyes as I went south of the border
Yeah you just wanna fuck

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