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Please Don't Let Me Drown

By: dubl

Page 1, I\'m not a piece of art.

It seems these words are the best of me
And I can never escape them though I run through the streets
I can't look in the mirror or get a glimpse of me
Cause when I do I fall down on both my knees
This is the collapse of a nation; an empire
I escape my reflection like I'm a vampire
And I'm sucking the life out of every vein
As she lets her tears fall like she's making it rain
But don't worry baby there'll be no more crying
No more sleepless nights, I'm sick of the fighting
But easy easy you don't know me anymore
I'm not the same man who stood in the door
I'm not riding the fence
I'm face down on the floor
You could give me a chance
Or treat me like a sore
Something that will heal in time with help
From a bottle and your best friend yourself
What do I do after your gone
Just hold my head high and try to carry on
But I told you several times I'm a duck on the water
My heads going under kick harder, harder!
Someday soon though I'll find dry land
Please tell me you'll be there when I do, Siren.

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