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Seeing Dubl

By: dubl

Page 1, incomplete

the walls are coming down around me
the television is popping and staticky
i've been chained by lead to this couch
for days and i'm starting to want out
and if my brain by some stroke of fate departs
at least i'll have a heart
And though I tryI'm still lying through teeth
I try to grasp it but honesty escapes me
And back to the couch as I start to slouch
My dishonesty weighs down my shoulders too much
Maybe I'm worthless undoubtedly so
But I still gave you sunshine when you were freezing in snow
And the grave where they lay me will be facing a cliff
As if to say I should've jumped off it

And the beautiful thing about living
Is one day you can just give up
But with all the pain we suffer with
Why should we ask to be forgiven
Why can't we forgive him?

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