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Shoot Me Down

By: dubl

Page 1, This started kinda serious but then i had a moment and decided to make it not so serious towards the end. Hope you enjoy!

Mark my words playboy
That day will come
You'll get your trial
Under the sun
And the ground will be littered in sins
Which ones are yours
And whose are you carrying
The words of a fallen hero
Collide, and Crash
The sound of glass
Metal kisses metal
The course was inevitable
And no witnesses around to pick up your bones
Tell me then who's taking you home
There's no sympathy given
For a life not lived in
And no tear is spilt
When you're just spilt milk
you're caught up in the highbeams
like a wild elk
And no one's got respect
If you don't respect yourself
And against all certainty the boy has made it
I'm not in the fire fight I just instigate it
The Gods don't seal fates with an arrow
They hire my hand and give me a shovel
And lately I've been thinking about death
And I've come to the conclusion
Sleep is the cousin of death
And i'm never snoozing
So I don't have a worry
Cause I never met the family
So tell him to knock me out
Or get back at me

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